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Brothers Of Metal

Metal sculptures of a Rino, Leopard, and Bear

Brothers of Metal is a team of welding and blacksmithing craftsmen, as well as NFT artists who create art objects and objects of applied art using LowPoly, NoPoly, or scrap metal. Our works of art come in any size or color for commercial and residential clients.

Our works appear at the junction of two worlds - the real and the virtual. As a result, unique works of art are born. 

Modern polygonal sculptures for an urban environment, public spaces, and private areas.

Our Method


We approach each sculpture scrupulously.

  1. For each project a 3D model is made, this is where all the design features of the product are calculated.

  2. Using a laser machine, we cut metal plates into the necessary parts and construct each piece using high-precision welding, using the latest industry innovations. This approach ensures the high-quality strength and durability of the product.

  3. We grind and bring the product to its perfect appearance, prepare it for painting in any color you desire.

  4. Deliver your work of art anywhere in the world thanks to our extensive network of transport companies.

Current Project
Statue Of Liberty

Product Video

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