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Selling your art in today's changing economic climate has made many artists become much more

business savvy. In-store galleries are closing their doors and others are downsizing and/or moving online.

Customers who decide to buy art like getting to know the artist, and there is no better place to meet than in the artist’s

studio. When that is not possible the online gallery can be a wonderful substitute. Art collectors and art enthusiasts

from all over the globe are turning more to online galleries than in previous years. With so

many social media platforms available, more customers are buying directly from artists. Art enthusiasts

buy for many different reasons such as emotion, investment, trade, or possession. Successful artists know

what motivates collectors and art fans to buy their art pieces. Regardless, of what the motivation is, they

all want to connect to the artists.


Taking an in-depth look at yourself as an artist, and answering the tough questions is a good place to start. Sometimes, an artist’s story is just as important as the art. How did you become an artist? How did you develop your particular style? What inspires you? A collector likes this and will fall in love with your artwork once they witness your genuine passion and expertise. Some collectors care about social status, in this case, show them your client list and display history. All this information you should have ready in the event the situation arises. 













Buyers want to live with the art and appreciate it continually. When you come across a motivated collector, find out what they loved about the art piece, keep in touch, and introduce them to similar pieces.


Inspire Pop-Up Gallery will assist you in accomplishing your goals. On your profile, you can add an interview, article, biography, website link, or video to help promote yourself to the global art community. You are, in essence, inviting customers into your studio so they can get to know you and purchase your art pieces directly from you.



We are committed to promoting your profile globally. Inspire online gallery utilizes all relevant forms of social media to reach your potential customers, and we hold pop-up galleries throughout the year for local art enthusiasts.


Please contact us below to get your Profile started. 

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