Digital Painting

Updated: Sep 17

An in-depth survey - The major aspects of digital painting explained and illustrated for artists and collectors.

Raster painting

Octave Pixel's Small Rocks is a typical raster painting. It is not possible to create the 'perfectly imperfect' lines and shapes that are made by a human hand in a program for vector painting.

Octave Pixel: Small rocks, raster painting.

  • Soft, nuanced overall appearance

  • Multicolor planes

  • Hand formed lines and curves

  • Digital texture (abraded patches)

Vector-raster painting

1. Hybrid program In Sunny Angle (below), stroke by stroke raster forms and lines are subtly smoothed by Bezier curves. The overall appearance of the painting reflects the hybrid basis of the program (ArtRage) and gives it a homogenous appearance that is somewhere in the middle between vector and raster.

Helene Goldberg: Sunny angle, vector-raster painting

  • Smooth, homogenous, overall appearance

  • Sharper than raster, softer than vector paintings

  • Textured color planes (orange, white)

  • Multicolor planes (grey, green, mauve)

  • Transpa