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   Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts is a macro, nature, and landscape photographer who has lived all over the United States. She is currently based out of Central Oregon. Her images showcase both the smaller details of nature and the various patterns hidden away in all of the varied locations she has visited. She has been to multiple countries, nearly all 50 states, and more than half of the National Parks. However, many times, her favorite places are in her own backyard.


Without realizing it, Laura has been preparing her whole life to be a nature and travel photographer. Long road trips were normal in her family, as they drove cross-country and back before she was even in kindergarten. She had been to more than half of the states before high school was even over. All of these trips inspired Laura's, love of nature, and the things that live there, which began her interest in photography. Her father was never without a camera on the family trips, loving the gadgets and making memories. 


In college, Laura found herself in Colorado, where she furthered her love of nature by earning a degree in Wildlife Biology. Her interest in photography slowed down some until she met Jason. She now had a whole lot more family and many more photographers in her life. Jason's mother, Saundra, would now become a photography mentor to them both. Laura and Jason's honeymoon to Europe was the inspiration for the purchase of her first digital camera. 


Laura then introduced Jason to long road trips while they continued to move around the country. After Laura bought Jason a DSLR as a Christmas present, many things changed. They made two cross-country moves that were barely disguised photography road trips. Laura continued her tradition of stealing Jason's camera, as she did with her father, but eventually got one of her own. 
With her own camera and photographic style, she is now a premier award-winning photographer. She has found a way to show others all the wonderful things she has seen on her travels and express her love for the things in nature. 

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