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"These days just about anyone can take a photograph. Many times you see the same images over and over. Instead of doing the same, I want to show you the often overlooked beauty and whimsy in the details of nature and the world around us.  All of the little things that hide within the bigger picture, like the curl of a line, a single flower, or a hidden pattern. These are the things that I see and enjoy, that inspire me, and that I wish to share with everyone." 


8 x 12  $50 (Free Shipping).
16 x 24  $100 (Free Shipping). 



8 x 12 with 1.5 and .88 (12.50" x 16.50" framed). Free Shipping. $150

16 x 24 with 2 inch and .88 (21.50" x 29.50" framed) Free Shipping. $250

Larger sizes are available. 

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