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 Jason Roberts

Nature Photographer
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"Everything in nature undergoes constant change and beautiful moments are often lost to time.  With enough luck to be in the right moment at the right place with the skill and preparation to crystalize a vision filled with emotion is to me, the essence of photography. 


My method blends emotional expression with an idealized reality to capture a fleeting instance of experience.  I search for the character of a scene seeking out how to best portray it within the frame. This desire to draw out and appreciate the unique heart of a time and place requires a different approach and technique to every photograph.  It is through a constant desire for discovery, seeking a new experience, and existing at the moment, that each image gains its own fingerprint and style so it may stand on its own, a single picture encompassing the whole.


My design career has been focused on meticulously crafting places that can be experienced over and over.  In contrast, my photography is about exploration, discovery, and the variety of experience that comes from that pursuit.  My fine art landscape works very rarely feature other people to give the scene a more serene or surreal expression making you feel like you are the only person in a pristine or otherworldly landscape. 


My nature photography focuses on the details to let you appreciate the delicate craftsmanship and beautiful variety the natural world provides.  And my travel photography tends toward a new perspective on the mundane or overlooked places.  The common thread in nearly all my photographs is an attempt to highlight the weight of time or a sense of timelessness in everything around us".


8 x 12  $50 (Free Shipping).
16 x 24  $100 (Free Shipping). 



8 x 12 with 1.5 and .88 (12.50" x 16.50" framed). $150 Free Shipping.

16 x 24 with 2 inch and .88 (21.50" x 29.50" framed). $250 Free Shipping.

Larger sizes are available. 

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Jason's Bio

 Jason's Bio

Jason Roberts is a fine art landscape, nature, and travel photographer based in Central Oregon.  His work captures the variety of nature and unique locations encountered on his travels.  He has set foot in 50 states, 12 countries, 3 continents, and countless natural sanctuaries to experience and photograph as much of the world’s natural beauty as possible in a single lifetime.

Jason started learning the art of film photography and the darkroom on the family farm from his mentor and mother, Saundra, a long-time professional photographer, and artist.  He won several competitions with his yearbook photography, in local fairs, and from personal projects while in high school.  In college, the film was expensive, space for a darkroom was limited, and Jason was pursuing another passion in computers and technology but never lost the need for a creative outlet.  This led him into a career as a computer game designer where he found himself crafting fantastical worlds and experiences instead of photographing them.


Over his early career as a designer, his use of the film SLR was infrequent, with it only pulled out of the closet for special events or travel.  But during this time digital photography had been maturing and it was not long before his wife, Laura, surprised him with a DSLR one Christmas.  It prompted a fast switch from the film SLR to the new digital format.  While learning the use of a digital camera and photo editing re-ignited the passion for photography which merged well with everything Jason had learned as a designer.  The increasingly frequent travel and explorations to the nature sanctuaries and parks that he and Laura loved to explore took on new meaning with a digital camera in hand.  As his experience and skills grew it became an opportunity to share the inspiring locations, scenes, and experiences with friends, family, and eventually everyone. 

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