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Filippos Georgiou-Pop Artist.

Born in Limassol, Cyprus. Half Cypriot half Slovak artist.

Living in London

BA in Fine arts UCA Farnham

MA in Painting RCA London



My art is painting and the drawn image. I experiment with various ways of making art, but I have always known that it is painting and drawing that allow me to express myself as I want. Over the years, I have studied mainly the paintings of Picasso and Salvador Dali--these two names were always in my head plus their imagery.


These references allowed me to experience the age I live in with a certain mindset--from watching cartoons to everyday experiences in my life-- with a certain mindset that helps me develop a style of painting. I continuously work adding elements of street art (graffiti) with the human figure merged with geometric, and biomorphic abstract shapes.


The main subject of my paintings is the human figure, which I depict through abstract shapes and the geometry that signals technology, and the artificial construct of much of the world around us. With that kind of imagery, I try to depict the contemporary soul and the feeling of being human in such a moment.


Filippos Georgiou

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