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Guy Funnell


I have always loved art and got my degree in art at Winchester School of Art in Hampshire England.

I have exhibited widely and had two large one-man shows. I also had a painting shortlisted for hanging at the Royal Academy Summer Show.

I still paint and sell landscapes of my local area in acrylic paint on canvas, but I am fascinated by how , using various types of software, including Pikazo, a neural style transfer application, I am able to create previously unseen and unimagined images. The possibilities are vast. Many of them would be very difficult or impossible to recreate in traditional mediums.

Another lasting interest of mine is dreams and the way that, in a dream, something may be combined with some attributes of very different things and the smooth fluidity of how that happens, and is excepted by the openness of the docile sleeping brain. Some of my images remind me of this surrealism.

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A Bit More About Me


My stereoscopic paintings


In my third year at Winchester School of Art, Hampshire, England

I became fascinated with creating stereoscopic paintings. This involved painting two

paintings as if each one was viewed from a different eye.

I painted them using the cross-eyed technique, but they were eventually viewed via a device that I made, using special front silvered mirrors created for me at the University

of Southampton



My street portraits when younger.


While traveling 8 months, around Europe in my twenties ( Cairo to Morroco the long way round )

I lived mostly from doing portraits in the street which lead to many interesting interactions.



Work with people with mental health problems.


I’ve done some work with people who suffer from mental health problems


I’m fascinated by how our brains can conjure up visions and sounds that seem completely real.  This ties in with my interest in dreaming, especially lucid dreaming.



Landscape Painting


I also paint local landscapes mostly in acrylic paint on canvas.


Guy Funnell

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